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Csedo Stoeck

Insurance Agency Inc

Are you planning for the future?

Life is a vast collection of risks and the best way to experience it is as an adventure. Along the way, you'll want to be sure that you are protected against the bumps and bruises. No matter what the future brings, insurance is there to protect you.


In the event of a catastrophic loss, you want coverage to protect your assets so that you aren't left our in the cold.


- Annuities to gain a monthly income for a short or long period of time

- Fixed rate annuities to save for the future -- excellent interest rates

- Flexible terms

Saving bonds

- Market-based investments

- No fees for purchases

- Tax savings and other advantages

- EE and I bonds available

Trust services and health savings accounts

Our trust services include full service, low fees, and long term planning for any of your needs. We also provide you with health savings accounts for approved medical expenses that are interest bearing and give you easy access to your funds.


- Free replacement if bonds are lost or stolen

- Bonds must be held for 12 months to avoid


- 8 denominations available

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